Cargo Short

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Stretchability is the amount of give that denim has when being pulled in opposite directions. Rigid has no stretch, while Extra has the most stretch.


Minimal Stretch

Comfort Stretch

Extra Stretch

The RE/DONE Cargo Short was initially intended to be made of reconstructed vintage cargos, but after searching for the raw materials with little success, they are instead inspired by the classic cargos of that era. We sourced our fabric directly from the fabric suppliers of the US Army. We took what we had learned from working with the vintage cargos and were able to remake our new cargo collection with all the authenticity and detail of the originals. The short is loose around the leg and finishes cuffed at the mid-thigh. We washed them down so that they have the soft and supple feel of well-worn fabric. They are the perfect blend of strength and femininity.