Oversized Sweatshirt

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Stretchability is the amount of give that denim has when being pulled in opposite directions. Rigid has no stretch, while Extra has the most stretch.


Minimal Stretch

Comfort Stretch

Extra Stretch

Our sun-faded collection recreates the look and feel of the perfect vintage sweatshirt that has lost some of its color after years in the sun. Just as no two worn vintage pieces look exactly the same, our painstaking process to recreate this look ensures that no two of ours look exactly the same. Each will have slightly different fades and shading with some areas subtly more pigmented than other. The slouchy fit of the sweatshirt gives it a distinctly relaxed vibe, without looking sloppy. The classic crew neck adds to the overall vintage aesthetic. This is the perfect piece to throw on as the warm summer days give way to breezy summer nights.