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The Hawaiian Short
No. 27TS112074H

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Vintage Levi's

Stretchability is the amount of give that denim has when being pulled in opposite directions. Rigid has no stretch, while Extra has the most stretch.


Minimal Stretch

Comfort Stretch

Extra Stretch

To create the Hawaiian Collection we took our classic, vintage denim, boxy fit short and repaired the holes with cut up vintage Hawaiian shirts. Some shorts have had their holes repaired with the shirts, while others have had their pockets patched with the shirts. The shirts range in age from the 1950's through the 1990's. They were all made in the USA, with most actually originating in the Hawaiian Islands. The colorful shirts feature a range of motifs including indigenous Hawaiian plants, such as the Hibiscus flower, to the classic Hula prints. The island feel of these shorts are sure to make them your must have piece for the summer.

Vintage Levi's made in the American South circa 90s, RE/DONE in Los Angeles..

Inseam 1 1/2"
Outseam 10 3/4"
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